Animal disease Porcine blue ear disease antibody rapid test card

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Product Description

Porcine blue ear disease antibody rapid detection card manual


Generic Name: Porcine Blue Ear Disease Antibody Rapid Test Card


English name: Rapid Anti-PRRSV Test


Pinyin: Zhu Lan er Bing Kangti Kuaisu Jianceka




It is used to detect antibodies against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in pig serum/plasma/whole blood samples.


[Experimental principle]


The Rapid Detection Card for Porcine Blue Ear Disease is a method for detecting antibodies to blue ear disease in samples (serum, plasma or whole blood) by colloidal gold immunochromatography. Inoculated with gold-labeled inactivated porcine blue ear disease antigen (Au-Agl) on glass fiber paper, coated with porcine blue ear disease antigen (Ag2) and rabbit anti-swine on the nitrocellulose membrane Blue ear disease antibody. When the test sample is positive, the porcine blue ear disease antibody binds to the colloidal gold labeled porcine blue ear disease antigen (Au-Ag1) to form a complex, and the complex moves along the paper strip as the chromatographic compound moves forward through the detection line. Forming "Au-Ag1-porcine blue ear disease antibody-Ag2-solid phase material" immune complex with pre-coated porcine blue ear disease antigen (Ag2) to agglomerate color, free gold labeled antigen at the control line and rabbit Anti-porcine blue ear disease antibody binding and enrichment of color. Negative samples were only developed at the control line. The operation is simple and fast, the result is intuitive, accurate, high sensitivity and easy to judge.


[kit composition]



1, pig blue ear disease antibody test card 50 copies


2, instructions 1


3, one dropper 50


【experiment method】


1. Remove the test card from the aluminum foil bag, place it horizontally and mark it.


2. Add 2 drops (70-100 ul) of serum/plasma/whole blood samples to be tested in the wells of the test card.


Observe and record the results in 3 and 20 minutes.


[Result judgment]


Positive: A purple-red line appears in each of the control line area (C) and the test line area (T). The darker the color of the test line (T), the higher the titer of the antibody to the blue ear disease.


Negative: Only a purple-red line appears in the control line area (C).


Invalid: no purple-red line appears or purple-red line appears only in the detection area (T), and no purple-red line appears in the control line area (C).



1. Please read the instructions carefully before operation;


2. The test sample can be serum/plasma/whole blood;


3. After the test card is taken out of the aluminum foil bag, it should be tested as soon as possible to avoid being placed in the air for a long time, and the reagent will be ineffective after moisture absorption;


4, the experimental environment should maintain a certain humidity, shelter from the wind, to avoid testing at too high temperatures;


5, the kit is stored at room temperature, such as refrigerated at 2-8 ° C, should be balanced to room temperature before use, can open the aluminum foil bag for testing operations.


[Storage and validity period]


2-30 ° C, sealed and dry, valid for 18 months.



[Diagnostic Reference]


1. If the pig has not been vaccinated with the porcine blue ear virus:


When there is no obvious ribbon at the test sample line (T), it indicates that there is no porcine blue ear virus antibody in the sample to be tested. If the herd is healthy, the vaccination of the pig blue ear virus should be carried out in time.


When there is a clear ribbon at the test sample line (T), the pig may be a wild-type infection and should be further observed and verified.


2. If the pig has been vaccinated with the porcine blue ear virus:


When the color of the strip of the test sample (T) is ≥1:40 in the control card, the titer of the antibody against the blue ear virus is higher, and the protection level against the virulent attack has been reached.


When the color of the strip of the test sample (T) is <1:40 titer in the control card, it indicates that the antibody titer of the porcine blue ear virus does not reach the minimum protection titer against the virulent attack of the swine blue ear virus. Vaccine replanting.

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