Canine Distemper Virus Antigen CDV Test Strip Canine Disease Rapid Test Card

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Specification: 10t/pox Packaging Material: Aluminum Foil
Package Dimensions: 12x7cm Keep Temperature: 2-30℃
Specificity: High Feature: Detection
Storage: 2-30 ℃
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diagnosis of animal diseases


rabies diagnosis in dogs

Product Description

Canine Distemper Virus Antigen (CDV) Test Instruction


Canine Distemper Virus Antigen (CDV) Test Strip Canine disease rapid test


Detection principle

The canine distemper virus antigen test strip applies the principle of double antibody sandwich immunochromatography. During the detection, the canine distemper virus antigen in the sample is combined with the specific monoclonal antibody labeled with colloidal gold during the flow to form a complex. Thing. When the sample flows through the T region of the NC membrane, the specific monoclonal antibody immobilized on the NC membrane captures the complex and gradually aggregates into a visible T-line. A visible C-line is formed. The C line indicates that the test strip is valid, and the T line indicates that the sample contains canine distemper virus antigen.


Scope of application

For rapid screening of canine nasal fluid, saliva, ocular conjunctival secretions, canine distemper virus in blood


Packing specifications

20T / box


Sample preparation

(1) Nasal fluid, saliva or conjunctival secretions

After swabbing the nasal fluid, saliva or conjunctival secretion with a cotton swab, immediately insert it into the sample tube containing the diluent, stir it well and let it stand for 1 minute.

(2) Blood

Use the attached dropper to add 2-3 drops (about 50μl) of blood sample to the sample tube containing the diluent. After mixing thoroughly, centrifuge at low speed for 5 minutes and let it stand for testing.

In the early stage of infection with canine distemper, the virus only exists in the blood, so it is more appropriate to take blood as a sample; if clinical symptoms have occurred, it is more convenient to use nasal fluid, saliva, and conjunctival secretions.


Operating steps

(1) Remove the test strip and return to room temperature, and open the package;

(2) Pipette the prepared clear sample supernatant with a matching pipette, and slowly add 4-5 drops (about 80 μl) slowly into the sample well (S well).

(3) Leave the result at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to judge the result. Results longer than 30 minutes are invalid.

Canine Distemper Virus Antigen CDV Test Strip Canine Disease Rapid Test Card

Judgment of results

Negative (-): C line develops color, T line does not develop color, it is judged as negative.

Positive (+): The C line develops color and the T line develops color. It is judged as positive regardless of the color depth.

Invalid: The C line does not appear, regardless of whether the T line is colored, indicating that the incorrect operation process or the test strip has failed. In this case, read the instructions carefully again and retest with a new test strip.



Interpretation of results

(1) A negative test result indicates that there is no canine distemper virus antigen in the test sample. If corresponding acute symptoms appear, the canine distemper virus infection cannot be ruled out.

(2) If the test result is positive, it indicates that the tested sample has canine distemper virus antigen, which may be infected by canine distemper virus, which needs to be analyzed in combination with clinical and other methods.

(3) Canine distemper virus vaccines are usually attenuated vaccines. Therefore, the virus may increase in the dog's body during the immunization process, which may cause the test strip to show a positive reaction. This phenomenon usually disappears after 3-10 days of vaccination. However, animals treated with monoclonal antibody (high immune serum) may produce false positives for a long time due to the corresponding secondary antibodies produced in their bodies.


(1) Please perform the test according to the operation steps. Do not touch the colored area of ​​the test strip during the operation.

(2) This product is a disposable product, please do not reuse it.

(3) Do not use tap water, pure water, distilled water, physiological saline, etc. as negative controls.

(4) All samples must be treated as potential sources of infection.

(5) Do not mix sample dilution tubes of different batches.

(6) For veterinary rapid diagnosis reference only, only qualitative test results are provided, and the diagnosis should be confirmed by comprehensive clinical symptoms or other conventional detection methods.


No cross reaction with canine parvovirus, canine coronavirus, canine parainfluenza virus, canine adenovirus, etc.

Storage and validity

Storage conditions: Store test strips in a cool and dry environment at 2-30 ° C.

Do not freeze.

Validity: The product is valid for 12 months.

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