Fumarotoxin Colloidal Gold Rapid Detection Card

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Place of Origin: GUANGZHOU
Brand Name: MTUSBIO
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: M231182
Minimum Order Quantity: 1BOX/40T
Price: USD 4.8/T-199/BOX
Packaging Details: 15*13*11CM, carton
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Product Description

Fumarotoxin Colloidal Gold Rapid Detection Card

operation instructions

(Colloidal gold method)

1. Principle and Application

This product is made using the principle of competitive inhibition colloidal gold immunochromatography and is used to detect the residue of fumarotoxin in samples such as grains and feed.

After dropping the sample solution into the sample well of the detection card, the fumarotoxin in the sample solution binds to the gold labeled antibody, thereby preventing the gold labeled antibody from binding to the fumarotoxin conjugate on the cellulose membrane. When the content of fumaratoxin in the sample solution exceeds the detection limit, the detection line does not show color (or the color is lighter than the control line), and the result is positive; When the content of fumaratoxin in the sample solution is less than the detection limit, the detection line shows a purple red color (the color is consistent or deeper than the control line), and the result is negative.

2. Technical indicators

2.1 Sensitivity of reagent card: 100ppb (ng/ml)

2.2 Lower limit of sample detection:

Cereals, feed... 200ppb

3. Kit Composition

Detection card: 50 pieces/box

Instructions: 1 copy

Paint thinner 1 bottle

4. Required equipment and reagents

4.1 Instruments: homogenizer, oscillator, centrifuge, graduated pipette, balance (sensitivity 0.01g)

4.2 Micro Pipette: single channel 20 µ l-200 µ l, 100 µ l-1000 µ l

4.3 Reagent: None

5. Sample Preprocessing

Cereals, feed

1) Take more than 5g of representative feed and grain samples (rice, wheat, corn, peanuts) and crush them (through a 20 mesh sieve). Accurately weigh 2g of the crushed sample and place it in a matching 15ml centrifuge tube.

2) Accurately add 4ml of Paint thinner into 15ml centrifuge tube, tightly seal the bottle stopper, shake vigorously for 3min, and centrifugate at 4000rpm or 10min. This supernatant is the test solution

6. Experimental Steps

1) Tear open the aluminum foil packaging bag of the detection card, take out the reagent board, and place it on a flat and clean surface.

2) Use the matching dropper in the aluminum foil bag to suck 4-5 drops (about 120ul) of the above standby test solution and slowly add them to the sampling hole (S) on the detection card to start the timing. For each different sample and standard, please use a different dropper and testing card.

3) Leave at room temperature for 5-8 minutes to determine the results, but after 30 minutes, the interpretation of the results is invalid.

7. Result judgment

Negative: In the detection window, a purple red line appears on the control line (C), and the color of the detection line (T) is consistent with or deeper than the control line, indicating that the concentration in the sample is below the detection limit or does not contain.

Positive: In the detection window, the control line (C) shows a purple red line, while the detection line (T) does not show color or is lighter than the control line. Indicates that the concentration in the sample is above the detection limit.

Invalid: Within the detection window, there is no purple red line on the control line (C).



Fumarotoxin Colloidal Gold Rapid Detection Card



Negative positive invalid

8. Precautions

8.1 Products that have expired or have damaged aluminum foil bags cannot be used.

8.2 When removing the detection card from the refrigerator, it should be restored to room temperature before opening. The opened detection card should be used as soon as possible to avoid failure due to moisture.

8.3 Do not touch the white film surface in the center of the detection card.

8.4 Droppers should not be mixed to avoid cross contamination.

8.5 The sample solution to be tested should be clear, free from turbid particles, and bacterial contamination, otherwise it may lead to abnormal phenomena such as blockage and unclear color development, which may affect the judgment of experimental results.

9. Storage and shelf life

Storage conditions: The reagent kit should be stored in a dry environment at 2-30 ℃.

Shelf life: The product has a validity period of 1 year, and the production date can be found in the packaging box.

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