Avian influenza (H9) subtype antigen rapid test card

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Product Description

Avian influenza (H9) subtype Antigen

Rapid Test Card (Colloidal Gold)


Product Name

Avian Influenza Virus H9 hypotype antigen rapid test card (Colloidal Gold)

Specification 40T/kit 20T/kit

Intended Application

The test is used for detecting Avian Influenza virus H9 hypotype antigen in Poultry excreta , ordure of trachea and cloacal orifice, can be used to Avian Influenza virus vaccine immunization effect assessment or auxiliary diagnosis.


The kit is using colloidal gold immunoassay method, sample add to sample hole, sample with colloidal gold markers will move along nitrocellulose filter membrane markers.

If the sample exist AIV-H9 hypotype Antigen, Antigen then binds to the antibody and detection of colloidal gold marker and display purple lines, if the sample does not exist AIV-H9 antigen, it will not display color reaction


  40T/Kit 20 T/Kit
Test card (including staw) 40 20
Diluents buffer 40 bottle 20 bottle
Swab 40 20
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Store at Cool and Dry place(2-30℃)and the shelf life is 24 months.

Sample Preparation

  • Swabbing the fresh sample (excreta or ordure) about0.1g or 100ul with swab from trachea or cloacal orifice (the sample collection will direct influence the validity of testing result)
  • Insert the swab into the specimen tube containing diluents buffer. Mix completely until the sample has been dissolved into the diluents, stewing for application.
  • Attention:The excessive excrement sample can lead to wrong result (ex: black line), it should be detected after dilution with diluents solution.
  • Test Methods
  • Tear test card foil pouch, remove the test card, put on a flat, clean work surface
  • Use straw draw sample, add 3 drop (60ul) sample into the sample hole. The mixed diluents buffer should be add exactly, slowly, drop by drop.
  • Read result in 5-10min at room temperature. More than 30 minutes the results are invalid.
  • Results Judgement

  • Avian influenza (H9) subtype antigen rapid test card

  • Positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red, the more antibody exist, the thicker color appear; stand for antibody lesser than HI titer 1:16
  • Negative: only control line is seen wine red; stand for antibody is equal to or higher than HI titer 1:32
  • Invalid: control line isn’t seen wine red.
  • Results Interpretation

  • The Result is negative show that the sample have not AIV antigen .if there is a corresponding acute symptoms, it cannot be excluded of avian influenza virus infection.
  • The Result is positive show that the sample have AIV antigen, may for the avian influenza virus H9 hypotype infection, it should be combined with clinical analysis and other methods.
  • Test Method Limitation

    The test is used only for detecting AIV-H9 antigen.


  • Please read the instructions carefully before testing, a variety of reagents only for this experiment
  • Don’t use expired or damaged products.
  • The test card removed from refrigerator should be return to the room temperature and should be used as soon as possible to avoid failure when wet
  • Do not use tap water, normal saline and distilled water as a negative control
  • Sample should be fresh and clear, avoid using turbidity, polluted hemolysis, blood lipids, viscous samples
  • Avoid touch the sample hole and the membrance chromatography of window
  • The waste shall be regarded as pollutants, please dispose of them in time.

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