Chicken Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody Rapid Test Card

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Place of Origin: GUANGZHOU
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Model Number: M231224
Minimum Order Quantity: 1BOX/40T
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Packaging Details: 15*13*11CM, carton
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Product Description

Chicken Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody Rapid Test Card (Colloidal Gold)


Newcastle disease is caused by a virus in chicken and a

variety of birds acute highly contagious disease, mainly

characterized by difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, nervous disorders, mucosal and serosal bleeding. Because of

different pathogenic strains, can caused severe disease and can spread widely in poultry.

The Newcastle disease virus (NDV) antigen test strip is

based on fast immuno-chromatography technique to detect NDV Ag in bird’s trachea or cloaca (or feces).

After adding sample, the sample move along with the

colloidal gold labeling NDV antibody, if there is NDV

antigen in the sample, it combines with antibody on T line and show wine-red color; if there is no NDV antigen, then no color reaction on the Test line.



20 tests/kit

Shelf Life: 24 months

(Lot No. is printed on aluminum foil)

Storage: 2-30 ℃



Chicken Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody Rapid Test Card


1. Collect the samples from trachea and cloacal swabs using the sample collection swab.

2. Putting the swabs into dilution buffer. Mixing the buffer with the swab thoroughly.

3. Remove the test device from the foil pouches, and places it on a flat and dry surface. Adding 5 drops of this mixture into sample-well on the card using the disposable dropper.

4. As the test begins to work, you will see purple color move across the result window in

5. The center of the test device. If the migration has not appeared after 1 minute, press “sample hole" and "window" between areas to help liquid release..

6. Placing the card on table for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.



Chicken Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody Rapid Test Card


1. The card with broken foil should not be used.

2. This kit is only for diagnosis on CPV of dogs.

3. Avoid forming bubbles while adding samples.

4. All cards and swabs used should be autoclaved or discarded according to local regulations.

5. The products out of date should not be used.

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