Rapid Detection Card for Schistosoma Antibodies in Domestic Animals

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Product Description

Rapid Detection Card for Schistosoma Antibodies

in Domestic Animals

Product manual


product name

Common name: Animal Schistosoma Antibody Rapid Detection Card

English name: Schistosoma japonica (S.j) Anti Rapid Test Card for Livestock

【Packaging specifications】1 serving/bag, 40 bags/box

【Intended Use】This test card uses colloidal gold immunochromatography technology to detect

Schistosoma antibodies in samples, which can be used as an auxiliary detection for this disease.

【Detection Principle】If the sample to be tested contains schistosome antibodies, it will bind with the

colloidal gold labeled schistosome antigen and the secondary antibody on the detection line, resulting

in a red color. If there is no schistosome antibody present in the sample, no color reaction will occur.

Main components

Rapid Detection Card for Schistosoma Antibodies  in Domestic Animals

Storage conditions and expiration date】Stored at 4~30 ℃, valid for 18 months.

sample requirements

1. This test card is only applicable to testing serum or plasma (excluding EDTA) samples of livestock

(pigs, cows, sheep).

2. To ensure the detection effect, fresh and pollution-free samples should be used as much as possible.

If the sample contains a large amount of blood lipids, the clarified part should be taken for testing after


3. Serum samples: For short-term storage (within 3 days), they must be stored at 4 ℃. For long-term

storage, they should be stored at -20 ℃.

4. Plasma sample: If a container containing anticoagulant EDTA is used, it may interfere with the test

results. EDTA can also interfere at low concentrations, so avoid using EDTA.

5. Refrigerated serum samples must be balanced to room temperature before testing.

Inspection method

1. After balancing the detection card to room temperature, remove it from the aluminum foil bag,

place it horizontally with the front facing up, and mark it.

2. Use the attached dropper to add 2 drops (100 μ L) The serum/plasma to be tested is placed in the

sampling well.

3. Let it stand at room temperature and determine the results within 10-15 minutes. Results exceeding

15 minutes are only for reference.

【Interpretation of inspection results】

Rapid Detection Card for Schistosoma Antibodies  in Domestic Animals

1. Positive: A red line appears in both the test (T) line area and the control (C) line area.

2. Negative: Only the control (C) line area shows a red line.

3. Invalid: There is no red line in the control (C) line area.


Limitations of testing methods

This test card is a research reagent for research purposes only and is not intended for clinical




1. Do not use liquids other than the sample requirements, such as water or other animal serum, as negative controls.

2. Compare this test card with other immunological testing reagents for a small amount of samples.

Due to methodological differences, the results are for reference only.

3. Products that have expired or have ruptured chromatographic membranes cannot be used.

4. If stored refrigerated, it must be balanced to room temperature before removing the test card for use.

5. Please do not touch the testing film; Foam shall be avoided during sampling.

6. The level of antibody is only related to the depth of the detection (T) line, and has no correlation with the depth of the control (C) line. As long as the control (C) line is clearly visible, it indicates that the experiment is effective.

7. Used test cards and samples must be treated as pollutants and properly disposed of in accordance with relevant local regulations.


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